Diary of an Arsenal supporter – A Timeline

*a 5 minute read* When you support Arsenal football club, you handle everything in your life a little differently. You handle heartbreak like it’s your regular morning coffee. You handle setbacks like drinking water every day. And you handle letting your best players leave the club and getting minimal to nothing in return, like aContinue reading “Diary of an Arsenal supporter – A Timeline”

Life Series: Shoot Your Shot 104

(a 4 minute read) I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry, this is not propaganda for everyone to go and shoot their shot in the direct messages of social media. But you do miss 100% of the shots you don’t take… (so take that how you will). But shooting your shot isn’t limited toContinue reading “Life Series: Shoot Your Shot 104”

Instincts vs Thoughts – Who Wins?

*a 4 min read* The Hunch The uncertainty of a given situation can leave us vulnerable and puzzled about what to do next. How we act or react to that situation may start a chain of events that can either help us, hinder us, or allow us to just get by. Think of a timeContinue reading “Instincts vs Thoughts – Who Wins?”

How Sports Influence Social Justice

*a 6 min read* The capability to decipher the meaning of social justice is an enigma in itself. If the question of “what is social justice?” does not make you stop and think for more than a second, you might have to think a little harder. Unfortunately, the answer is not as clear as itContinue reading “How Sports Influence Social Justice”

A Few Takeaways From The Last Dance Documentary

*a 6 minute read* *There will be a few spoilers* The time has come for the ending of a documentary that came at the perfect time for the world to watch and enjoy. The Last Dance, a 10 part documentary sports series, offers insight on one of the greatest teams ever assembled in the NBA.Continue reading “A Few Takeaways From The Last Dance Documentary”

Did The Raptors Championship Get Overlooked?

*5 minute read* This article is quite late but some people need to hear it. The slander for the Toronto Raptors must come to a close. Many had little faith, many had written us off as early as the first round. But certainly, after winning the NBA championship, you would think the people would giveContinue reading “Did The Raptors Championship Get Overlooked?”

The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103

* a 4 minute read* After re-watching Jordan Peele’s spectacular movie Get Out, I realized I was out of almond milk. But more importantly, the theme of “The Sunken Place” stood out to me, and how we have a similar concept in the real world. A thought may come to your mind: why would weContinue reading “The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103”

Prime Time – A Musical Form of Excellence

Case Study One: Travis Scott *5 minute read* Appealing To The Masses As artists go through phases during their careers, the musical pieces released by them may affect their legacy in the long run. An album that an entertainer created when they first started may be completely different from an album they make six yearsContinue reading “Prime Time – A Musical Form of Excellence”