The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103

* a 4 minute read* After re-watching Jordan Peele’s spectacular movie Get Out, I realized I was out of almond milk. But more importantly, the theme of “The Sunken Place” stood out to me, and how we have a similar concept in the real world. A thought may come to your mind: why would weContinue reading “The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103”

Prime Time – A Musical Form of Excellence

Case Study One: Travis Scott *5 minute read* Appealing To The Masses As artists go through phases during their careers, the musical pieces released by them may affect their legacy in the long run. An album that an entertainer created when they first started may be completely different from an album they make six yearsContinue reading “Prime Time – A Musical Form of Excellence”

The NBA MVP – What is it and Who Will Win This Season?

*Two writers collaborated on this piece, Kalel Dawkins and myself.* Since the creation of the Most Valuable Player award in Basketball in 1955–56, we have seen some of the best players ever capture this trophy. Some winners of this include Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Stephen Curry. As the game of basketball has evolved, soContinue reading “The NBA MVP – What is it and Who Will Win This Season?”