Invincible – What’s The Hype?

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After hearing the title of this TV show for the first time I was originally confused and debated the idea of watching the show. I ended up making a wise decision.

Created by Robert Kirkman, the Amazon Prime series titled “Invincible” left me extremely satisfied with its ending of the first season, offering a simple yet unpredictable transition into the now-confirmed second and third seasons.

I will warn you now that you will experience an array of emotions because of how intense things become. And trust me, this is not one of those shows that takes four episodes for something eye-catching to happen. It goes 0–100 from pretty much the first episode and onwards (there’s your spoiler alert!).

Let’s dive deeper into my understanding of Invincible and why it has the potential to be a household favourite. 


I am Inv…

This animated superhero TV series follows Mark Grayson, a 17-year-old superhero who is half human and half Viltrumite, who wants to follow in his dad’s (Omni-Man) footsteps of becoming the “world’s greatest superhero”. 

Unlike many superhero origin stories, Mark knew his powers were going to come eventually, the problem was when. And if you know anything about your typical teenager, patience isn’t something that comes easily (especially knowing one day you will wake up and be able to fly and throw trucks with ease).

 To be honest, Mark is your average high schooler/superhero combination. Guess who misses class because he’s saving the world? Mark. Guess who misses time with his girlfriend because he’s fighting a criminal? Mark. But the uniqueness comes with his relationship with his father and his actual destiny on earth (mini spoiler, read on they will be no more I promise).

Loyal To The Gang

This man right here is a menace to society. 

You are loyal to the people who raised you, loyal to the ideals they have instilled in your mind from a young age, and you are loyal to the assignment they give you to uphold and compete for recognition and acceptance. The people of Viltrum granted Omni Man an assignment to where loyalty triumphs over any future endeavors he may encounter (some people should take a lesson from this but we move).

Enter Nolan Grayson, aka Omni Man, where the only appropriate definition I can give him without revealing too much info is being a menace to society. Now, he is classified as a superhero in the show so we do have to run through the generic superhero template to ensure he fits the criteria. 

  1. Does this superhero protect innocent people? Sure. 
  2. Does this superhero stop imminent threats from destroying society? Absolutely. 
  3. Does this superhero wear tights and have a cape? You know it and he even has the logo on the chest which symbolizes his name — how original.

But the philosophy and ideology behind the task Omni Man is given requires him to take on the hardest part — explaining it all to his half-human son. His explanations methods get quite… aggressive and lead to some violent bonding time. Expect to see a couple of scenes where you wouldn’t even think where Omni Man and Mark are related to each other, believe that.

A Reflection on Humanity

“I don’t rate your Mum”

While Invincible has other subplots including following the adventures of characters such as Robot and Atom Eve, the main story line focuses on a father and son story based around a certain perspective about earth’s civilization.

With humanity categorized as weak, useless, and helpless (insert every insult in the book), the villain of Invincible vows to take over Earth’s population for the better and help a species that can’t help themselves (classic villain philosophy). Think of the villain as Superman-like, an alien who comes to Earth with a mission but instead of looking to protect the Earth for the better, the antagonist aims to infiltrate and conquer the world.

The monologues between the main characters of the show allow for some gut-wrenching moments where, as I mentioned earlier, will cause an imbalance of emotions. 

Going from joyful to sympathetic to astonished all in one episode will be a regular occurrence when watching the first season. But at the end of it all, you will still be entertained and to be honest, we can’t ask for anything more. I’m all about entertainment with a roller coaster of emotions embedded in a story, wouldn’t you say the same?

Start the Show Just Now

Get Amazon Prime just for this show and then cancel it. Bezos has enough of our money.

Released on March 25th, 2021, I am happy the show has already announced two more seasons are coming. But the expected time for seasons 2 and 3 to come out is still unknown. If you haven’t watched already, now is the time to start. The episodes are about 45 minutes long but it moves faster than you think.

This is a binge-worthy season so watching it in one sitting is possible. Check out the show and see how you handle it. I expect you will have some unexpected reactions.

Thanks for reading, share with a friend, and I’ll be back soon with another article. Bless up.

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