NBA 2022/23 – Let’s Get Right

You should already know what time it is, but if you are unaware, the NBA is back and I couldn’t be more excited. The return of flopping, outrageous foul calls, and Rudy Gobert getting exposed in the playoffs is here once again and the games have been in full flow. Get ready NBA fans, theContinue reading “NBA 2022/23 – Let’s Get Right”

NBA – What A Time To Be Alive

*a 5-minute read* If I would have told you at the beginning of October that Joe Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, and Brandon Knight would be playing in the NBA right now, would you think I was crazy? Would you call me a hopeless NBA fan? Well, what if I told you the term “health and safetyContinue reading “NBA – What A Time To Be Alive”

NBA Preview 2021/22 (Familiar Faces In New Places)

*5 min read* The NBA season is back! It is that time of the year, basketball fans, and you know what that means. Yes! That’s right! Basketball for an entire 82 game season! The NBA season is already underway, and I am very excited for this season. This off-season, changes have taken place, and weContinue reading “NBA Preview 2021/22 (Familiar Faces In New Places)”

The 2020/2021 NBA Season – Who Will Takeover?

*a 5 minute read* Aanddd, we are back. The NBA season is right around the corner and this off-season has been just as wild as the year 2020. I mean John Wall plays basketball again (and he is still ridiculously quick), Steph Curry is back to rain down threes once again and Giannis signed theContinue reading “The 2020/2021 NBA Season – Who Will Takeover?”

NBA – Are You Not Entertained?

*a 3 minute read* This article will have petty comments and be completely biased towards the Toronto Raptors. Reader discretion is advised. Sports are truly one of the greatest joys in the world. You never really know what to expect. And while the NBA bubble effect has shown us that anything is possible, did youContinue reading “NBA – Are You Not Entertained?”

Dallas Mavericks: The Legendary Playoff Run in 2011

*a 5 min read* The 2011 NBA Season. The season Lebron James made “the decision” and joined the Miami Heat. The season following the Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Championship. The season was supposed to be the Heat and the Lakers in the NBA Finals, where Lebron and Kobe would finally meet on the biggestContinue reading “Dallas Mavericks: The Legendary Playoff Run in 2011”

Player Profile – Zion Williamson, The Phenomenal one

*a 5 min read* Upon his late start in the league, rookie sensation Zion Williamson has made a tremendous impact in just his first season. Following a dominant freshman year with the Duke Blue Devils Zion made his way to the NBA and was drafted number 1 overall by the New Orleans Pelicans. Zion Williamson,Continue reading “Player Profile – Zion Williamson, The Phenomenal one”

The NBA MVP – What is it and Who Will Win This Season?

*Two writers collaborated on this piece, Kalel Dawkins and myself.* Since the creation of the Most Valuable Player award in Basketball in 1955–56, we have seen some of the best players ever capture this trophy. Some winners of this include Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Stephen Curry. As the game of basketball has evolved, soContinue reading “The NBA MVP – What is it and Who Will Win This Season?”