What Type Of Friend Are You?

*a 3 minute read*

You know that circle of friends you have? You know, the crew you meet up with that take all your Instagram photos, the people you call up for the late-night Among Us sessions till 3am, or the gang that you sometimes refer to as your second family? These people who you chill or link up with (as the mandem say nowadays) regularly have an everlasting effect on you. You are around them so often you know which ones like pineapple on their pizza and which ones don’t (pineapple belongs on pizza, don’t @ me).

This is how your friends should hype you when you dance at your wedding.

Every friend group is different and has a social dynamic to make things work. You have the funny one who knows how to make anyone and everyone laugh no matter what situation you are in. You have the mother of the group that is the most reasonable and has to answer the phone every time your parents call cause they “trust” you more than their child (ha). And you have the wild one, who always ends up in the most trouble and finds entertainment in anything or everything they come into contact with (you have to appreciate the little things in life innit). You might even have a friend who is a mix of all three. Go figure.

While there are many more roles within friendships, these examples show us how friends can offer different traits but still find a way to balance out a group.

While you are figuring out which type of friend you are, let your attention switch over to this next statement. 

Know your role, do your role.

It may seem simple but understand the message behind it. We all have our role to play within our friend groups, and although you may not instinctively think about it, I am going to make you think about it right now (so listen up!). 

Sometimes you need that wild friend to start something up to move the direction of the motive in a place you never thought it could go to. Sometimes you need that funny person to give you a good laugh about anything to let the time pass by and feel a sense of joy and amusement.

On a couple of occasions, you will need the “go-to” friend for that heart to heart let all my emotions out conversation that people need to have from time to time. If that is you and you know it is you, be that person. Be that friend who knows their role and maximizes the effort in that role.

You do not have to psychoanalyze yourself if you are funny or not. By now, your friends should have told you if your jokes are dead or you are “too innocent” to be speaking a certain way. But understand you are a necessary piece of functional (or dysfunctional for many of us) relationships between the people you hang around all the time. Know your role and excel at it. You will be appreciated for it (eh, sometimes).

Thanks for reading, share with a friend, and answer the question down below!

Are you the funny one in your friend group? (Be honest!)


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