Fighting An Inner Battle

Since I was a young boy, stuttering has always been a problem for me. It runs in my family on my dad’s side in particular. My grandmother had a stutter, some of my cousins have a stutter, and my younger brother used to have a speech problem growing up. I am not sure what itContinue reading “Fighting An Inner Battle”

NBA – Are You Not Entertained?

*a 3 minute read* This article will have petty comments and be completely biased towards the Toronto Raptors. Reader discretion is advised. Sports are truly one of the greatest joys in the world. You never really know what to expect. And while the NBA bubble effect has shown us that anything is possible, did youContinue reading “NBA – Are You Not Entertained?”

Do You Remember These NBA Players?

*a 5 minute read* *Two writers collaborated on this piece, @kdaw31 & @michaeloka*  As we have had time to reminisce and wonder what life would be like without the NBA, we decided to dedicate this article to the streets. And no, we will not be discussing the game NBA Street (although it was amazing toContinue reading “Do You Remember These NBA Players?”