NBA Preview 2021/22 (Familiar Faces In New Places)

*5 min read* The NBA season is back! It is that time of the year, basketball fans, and you know what that means. Yes! That’s right! Basketball for an entire 82 game season! The NBA season is already underway, and I am very excited for this season. This off-season, changes have taken place, and weContinue reading “NBA Preview 2021/22 (Familiar Faces In New Places)”

Fighting An Inner Battle

Since I was a young boy, stuttering has always been a problem for me. It runs in my family on my dad’s side in particular. My grandmother had a stutter, some of my cousins have a stutter, and my younger brother used to have a speech problem growing up. I am not sure what itContinue reading “Fighting An Inner Battle”

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

*6 min read* I’m back, back at work surrounded by a fantastic group of people who have welcomed me in with open arms. As I walk towards the computer to clock myself into work, I can’t help but feel excited because I am back at work. How often do you find someone saying that theyContinue reading “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again”

Dallas Mavericks: The Legendary Playoff Run in 2011

*a 5 min read* The 2011 NBA Season. The season Lebron James made “the decision” and joined the Miami Heat. The season following the Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Championship. The season was supposed to be the Heat and the Lakers in the NBA Finals, where Lebron and Kobe would finally meet on the biggestContinue reading “Dallas Mavericks: The Legendary Playoff Run in 2011”

Player Profile – Zion Williamson, The Phenomenal one

*a 5 min read* Upon his late start in the league, rookie sensation Zion Williamson has made a tremendous impact in just his first season. Following a dominant freshman year with the Duke Blue Devils Zion made his way to the NBA and was drafted number 1 overall by the New Orleans Pelicans. Zion Williamson,Continue reading “Player Profile – Zion Williamson, The Phenomenal one”

The Qualities of a Good Journalist

Have you ever wondered about what journalism is? Or what a journalist does? Or about what it takes to be a journalist? Well, look no further as some potential advice is about to head your way. The job of a journalist can be fun but also quite challenging at the same time. As a journalist,Continue reading “The Qualities of a Good Journalist”

Do You Remember These NBA Players?

*a 5 minute read* *Two writers collaborated on this piece, @kdaw31 & @michaeloka*  As we have had time to reminisce and wonder what life would be like without the NBA, we decided to dedicate this article to the streets. And no, we will not be discussing the game NBA Street (although it was amazing toContinue reading “Do You Remember These NBA Players?”