The World Is Changing — Adapt Or Be Left Behind 

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I know it has been a while since I have dropped something new but I’m back now. Forgive me, a little hiatus was needed to get the creative juices flowing again. Anyways, with my time away from Timeless Thoughts, I have been observing the current state of the world during this global pandemic and I have generated a few conclusions that need to be shared immediately.

1.The Air Fryer is a top 10 invention of the modern era.

2.Twitter is the best social media app in the world.

3.Lionel Messi is still better than Cristiano Ronaldo (respectfully).

Tell em again.

But more importantly, the best observation I have made is the world is forever changing and if you don’t change with it, you will be dropped and left behind.

Change is one of the only things you can count on to be *consistent* in the year 2021. New things pop off on your phone, TV, and all over social media within minutes of every single day. Students have had to adjust their lifestyle to “Zoom University,” where social interactions are harder to come by because of certain restrictions put in place. Certain stores have had to block off non-essential items to reduce capacity indoors to where one could say shopping in-store has become an uncomfortable inconvenience.

Many of us are not accustomed to what is going on right now and it seems like everyone is freestyling and finessing with the choices they make daily (especially the Ontario Government the last year and a half). 

But the common ingredient throughout all of this is adaptability. Now a year and a half into battling a pandemic, you start to see the small shifts affect the big ones and things start to… add up. 


The online world has been taking over for a while now, but think about the possible projection for the next five years. It is looking like many of us might have to rethink our career paths (emphasis on the might).

The workforce is keeping employees at home realizing people can get as much work done at home as in an office. Apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Discord have thrived in this recent boom of online communication. 

Don’t get me started on how companies such as Amazon are doing right now. They saw this vision a mile away and are reaping the benefits of setting up the ultimate online portal for worldwide shopping (Jeff Bezos is laughing at my credit card statements).

Shopping in-store may seem inefficient for people now since almost everything can be done online. Groceries and buying clothes can all be done in a few steps from your phone. But make sure you are willing to wait for items to come when you order online. The return/exchange process is a headache and you might have to wait three months just to get that mask you ordered from Australia. 

Although these transformations have been happening for a while before the virus impacted the world, the pandemic has helped put into perspective how quickly things change.

Our reliance on the internet grows stronger minute by minute and has opened up avenues for making more income, communicating with people on a national level and so much more. Imagine the possibilities of what can come in the next few years alone…

Past, Present, Future

Think about what has become common in our society now:

  • You can potentially meet your husband/wife through online dating
  • Ordering anything (almost anything) is possible from your phone-Making income from having an online presence/influence (Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram) 
  • The majority of your day-to-day decisions can now be made on your phone, tablet, or computer and who knows what else we will be able to do in the future with the internet at our disposal.

 Depending on what you do, the internet allows pathways and networking opportunities that are endless. Social media has allowed us to not only be prevalent in one area, but multiple, and the ability to have a following across many platforms has become easier than ever. 

Watch this video. This is all the proof you need. Truss mee

There is no time like the present to show off what you can do in the world. Release it on Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter. With some consistency and a creative approach behind what you put out, you will be surprised about the opportunities you can create for yourself. Or you can get famous by doing a one-two dance to a popular song and it goes viral —  that seems to work too.

Upgrade Your System

Similar to a computer, we have to upgrade our software and adapt with the times. The same skills you learned six years ago may not be as useful to you now. But there are opportunities to learn new ones which can benefit you in the new era before us. 

The mind and the body are always changing but pay attention to what is also happening in the outside world.

There is still time to adapt, learn new things, and improve. Online courses are now offered more than ever before. The extra time at home has allowed people to pick up new hobbies. These are just a few examples to share but look to upgrade your system and you will survive the direction the world is going. 

Thanks for reading, share with a friend, and answer the question below!

What is one thing the pandemic has shown you about the current state of the world?

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