Money Heist - Effectively Eclipsing Extortion

La casa de Papel. A complete madness. A bank robbery that highlights the justice system, personal attainment, and a game of chess all in one. You would think these robbers would just kill whoever gets in their way, take the money and leave. Nope. This chess match was like nothing that I have ever encountered. So why should you watch a show that is about stealing money and taking people hostage? Because it is more than the money (or is it?), it is about a dream that was made into a reality through the eyes of a family of thieves…

“It’s a simple equation. She = Belongs to the streets”

The Mastermind

Let’s start with the Professor, the true mastermind behind this whole operation, Sergio Marquina. Give credit where credit is due. Seeming to have an answer and solution to any scenario the robbers were put into, Sergio’s mindset follows the aspect of a chess match. Carefully choosing his tactics and strategizing the appropriate way to take action. Notice in chess there is no hidden information. Everything is out in the open. You can’t hide a bishop from the table (unless you are cheater). But you can plan accordingly to where the bishop becomes your most valuable piece. Remaining calm, for the most part, knowing that the plan cannot fail, Sergio runs the point of this operation. The guy who orchestrates the offense while implementing his defensive shield when need be.

The professor thinks two to three moves ahead of his opponent. Let the enemy believe they have the upper hand and when they are most vulnerable, punishes them in a way they cannot return. It’s an interpretation of how people play the opposition in all forms of life. Forcing you to concede their demands, their plans, so you are playing in their favor. But careful planning can only take you so far, life at times (more than often) throws you curve-balls. The plan can’t always work. If you don’t adjust accordingly, you are finished. Done out here. Sergio adjusts with the “Queen” of the operation or the inspector by the name of Raquel Murillo. But this is where the fun starts…

Find the red sticky note.

The Formula

The eight robbers carry the show with their personalities, having conflict, turmoil and deep affection for one another. Sounds like a typical family right? The common goal is the money that keeps everyone occupied and motivated every single minute the robbers are inside the Mint. They are battling against the National Police Corps, looking to expose them, using hostages to gain what they need. Having everyone in the bank wearing the same mask allowed for complete control over who the robbers wanted to be revealed and who will remain covered. Manipulation and provocation at its finest. Another piece of this chess game.

But eight personalities are difficult to control. Extremely complicated when you can only reach them by phone/radio. But the money keeps people in check. Love can allow you to believe that if you keep fighting together, the right outcome will come. And an opportunity to revive a life that may have taken a bad turn. That is the formula. Love, money, and opportunity. It takes many of us the full distance, allowing us to believe there’s something to work towards, whether it be alone or together. And that is how the professor makes this all work. He allowed each robber to achieve love, money, and an opportunity in one situation. A blueprint for success. Seguimos adelante.

The face of Salvador Dali. Look him up if you do not know him. Learn something new.

What to Take Away

The show can trick you to believing the robbers are good people, just trying to get rich and leave. They did not kill any hostages, they treated medical problems that some hostages had, they even gave a pregnant lady the choice to take the pill. How considerate. Comparing this to the police, who shot a hostage, make threats concerning the people inside the bank and look to be the actual enemy in the first two seasons.

But what to take away from this show is that it is more than a bank robbery. It is an attempt to be recognized for doing a task deemed impossible, that no one would dare to try. But it happened. A chance at redemption, to avenge a loved one or even themselves, we don’t all get this option. But the most important thing I took away from this show was the ability to send a message. Messages can be small and effective, they can also be loud and proud. But Money Heist delivers this on an international level, where no matter where you are in the world, you know about the people who robbed the Royal Mint of Spain. You should watch the show if you want to see something different, it might be small, but you will take something away. Thanks for reading, answer the question below and take care. Bella ciao.

“If you could be one actor in one TV series who would you be and why?”


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