Putting You On A Vibe

There is nothing like finding a new song, vibing with it and adding it to your library.

Hearing a new track can have you feeling a type of way or even fill you with a nostalgic sentiment that many enjoy. I believe everyone deserves to experience this, at least once. I feel some albums are being overlooked which deserved to be listened to. For me, the criteria for a wavy album looks at consumer appeal, consistency, reality comparison and replay value. This criterion shows what I feel are important characteristics to a respectable album. The following pieces of music inspired me and I hope that it can achieve the same effect for you. Let us commence.

A must-listen for any rap/soul/hip hop lover. Changed my life.

Cilvia Demo by Isaiah Rashad

This album changed my life. Isaiah Rashad is an artist that may not be familiar with you. He is signed to TDE, who also has artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and SZA. On the first listen through of the album, you will automatically just vibe with it, through the instrumentation and cadences of Rashad’s flow. But once you dive deeper into the lyrics and passion, you start to appreciate what Isaiah Rashad is trying to do.

From the opening track, Hereditary, where Rashad makes a connection to his father, telling the audience how his father taught him how to drink his pain away and how to leave someone. To the middle of the album, with the song, Tranquility, where he combines God, alcohol, and females to tell a deeply compelling story. And the last track, Shot You Down, appreciates the genres of soul, rap and hip hop all in one.

As far as my criteria, it ticks off everything effortlessly. The consistency is there with the tone and tempo of the album, the consumer appeal applies to anyone who has struggled with depression, alcohol, religion or just people who appreciate lyrical rap with a brilliant selection of beats. Replay value is important to me because if I can come back and listen to an album multiple times and it gives me something different every time, it is doing something right. No song sounds the same but every single song fits in intuitively. From top to bottom, this album gives a refreshing take on rap while combining genres to deliver a classic masterpiece. Rashad is wavy. (Favorites include Heavenly Father, Webbie Flow, and Banana).

A visionary, smooth, soul- enthusiast.

Lady Lady by Masego

You might have heard his song, Tadow, which went viral on YouTube, accumulating 163 million views in 2 years. If not, go check it out immediately. Masego is for the Soul/R&B listeners. He’s a different type of mood.

His album Lady Lady illustrates his admiration for women and the effect women have had on his life. With the song Queen Tings, he sings over a Caribbean style beat to give his admiration of many women such as Lupita Nyong’o, Solange Knowles and Regina hall. His song Old Age represents a relationship he experienced with an older woman with a graceful SiR feature to complete the song. The song Black Love, details Masego speaking about his wedding day in the future, channeling deeper emotions to express his love and creativity.

Masego has been slept on in the music industry for too long. People need to know who this guy is. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer. The TraphouseJazz enthusiast is here to stay. The album is flawless, a hidden gem in the R&B/Soul genre that has been overlooked. Add this to your discography. You need it. Trust me. (Favorites include Prone, Queen tings, and Black Love).

You lot need to know about my guy Saba. Be ready.

Bucket List Project by Saba

An album with a theme and concept that is well executed. It is not as easy as you think. Saba delivers a conscious hip hop/ rap album mixing in genres such as Neo-soul, Jazz and R&B. If you know about Saba, you know about his capabilities and flair. If you do not know, allow me to put you on.

Talking about his upbringing in Chicago, Saba also calls on multiple people to share what they want on their bucket lists, such as Lupe Fiasco and Chance the Rapper. The song GPS, details how rappers can lose their roots once they find success and Saba compares this to the life he lives now. Church/Liquor Store featuring Noname, Saba raps about religion, the dangers a neighborhood can entail, and his rarity. A special rap performance over a chill laid back hip hop beat that keeps you engaged throughout the whole song. His storytelling capabilities is highlighted in the song California, detailing his journey from Chicago to LA, fulfilling his dreams and finally not being scared of the moment. An underground rapper who is on the come up. A special talent that followed up this project with greater rap performances and storytelling with the album, CARE FOR ME. Check him out now and thank me later. (Favourites include Photosynthesis, Church/Liquor, and MOST).

These three albums did something special for me. I hope, in one way or another, it can do something for you. Thanks for reading, let me know if the music did anything for you. I would love to hear it. Answer the question below also.

“If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life who would it be and why?”


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