Did The Raptors Championship Get Overlooked?

*5 minute read* This article is quite late but some people need to hear it. The slander for the Toronto Raptors must come to a close. Many had little faith, many had written us off as early as the first round. But certainly, after winning the NBA championship, you would think the people would giveContinue reading “Did The Raptors Championship Get Overlooked?”

The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103

* a 4 minute read* After re-watching Jordan Peele’s spectacular movie Get Out, I realized I was out of almond milk. But more importantly, the theme of “The Sunken Place” stood out to me, and how we have a similar concept in the real world. A thought may come to your mind: why would weContinue reading “The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103”