Life Series: Seasoning Your Approach 101

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Welcome to the class of condiments, yes you are in the right class.

Today, we are looking at sauces and the power we can have when we put something together. Some of the best things we see and observe are meant to go hand in hand. You can’t have Batman without Alfred. You can’t have cereal without the almond milk (regular milk is a no in 2020, don’t @ me). You can’t have the chick without the fil-a. Make it make sense. But when we look at barbecue chicken, it is something different. You see, this is something else… this type of sauce is the combo everyone needs. A term coined by the great Shaquille O’Neal, “Barbecue Chicken Alert” came from something comical but can be looked at and modified as a type of lifestyle. The real question is have you got the sauce?

Flavor, taste. I know you want a mouthful.

Can You Handle The Spice?

Listen, this type of sauce can’t be found easily. Its not a basic condiment you can find at the supermarket. It’s hard to acquire, and if it was easy, everyone would already have it. But we could all use a little bit of sauce. You get a taste, and you crave more. You want more. You need more. You are hungry now, aren’t you? We move (to the kitchen).

The sauce is a way of living. It is being confident in anything and everything you do. From the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed, you have this sauce to drive you to do better. It helps you make smarter decisions, to be more efficient in your work and to be self-assured in every task you have. Think of it as a superpower from within, that makes you feel like you can attain great things if you put your mind to it. You need to make the sauce lifelong because it can take you from being ordinary and simple to flavorful and prosperous.

Now let us add this to being successful in our lives. Success happens when one achieves the goals and aspirations that they desire. The sauce allows you to believe in all of your actions, almost like that voice in your head that tells you “You’ve got this”. It gives your life a sense of purpose, that if you give it your all and work in the right direction, good things will happen for you.

When we have a win in our lives, such as getting a new job, learning a new skill or even a pay increase in what you do for a living, these wins take us higher. They give the feeling that what we worked for has paid off and now you look at yourself and see what you can accomplish. We look for these wins to help us move forward and push us to the next level. Whether it is big or small, that one sample can mean everything. You get one W ( standard abbreviation for a win) and life is good, everything is blessed, but one win can only keep us feeling good for a short amount of time. But believe me, the little ones count. They always add up. A win is a win, and we need every single one of them to better ourselves. More wins, more success, more sauce.

The path to the sauce is not simple. You have to understand that it is a journey and it is not easily obtainable. But with the right work ethic, anything is possible.

Forget The Momentary, Make It Everlasting

The juice is temporary, but the sauce is permanent.

The juice goes quickly, but the sauce will always last. Now according to the chart above, we can see the level of juiciness compared to the level of saucery. In series 1, juice has a clear advantage over sauce but as we continue to series 3, sauce wins the battle of the 2. The juice had the upper hand at the moment but by the end, the sauce overcame all odds.

See, the juice comes and goes. It is there for a little while and it leaves shortly right after. You buy it frequently but it only lasts a couple of days. Compare this to Ls (standard abbreviation for a loss) we take in life. Everyone has/will take a loss. Whether it is failing your driver’s license test (many of us know about this one), coming up short on an assignment or losing in a competitive game. Life is so up and down, losses often come unexpected and at the worst times of our lives. It happens to the best of us. But do not let them hold you down and stop you from growing. A loss is a short term thing, a moment in time. Moments come and go and they do not define who you are. You have had a few slip-ups, it happens. We move and come back stronger. We come back with the sauce. Once you have that, forget about that juice nonsense. It may take some time for you to obtain success but once you do, what is stopping you from attaining more?

We All Need It

Claim it in your life.
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Once the sauce is in your life, it is difficult to move. It truly becomes a part of you. Think of this as starting something new as a novice and becoming a master at it over time. It could be learning a musical instrument, playing a new sport, or even learning how to make BBQ chicken. Whatever it may be, when the sauce is in your life, there’s nothing to fear. It may take time, but eventually, you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Inner confidence is often overlooked nowadays. People fear the shame of others and find reasons to back down or not fully go after what they want. This needs to end and it starts with yourself. It starts with you and the sauce coming together to battle anything and everything life throws at you. Us and the sauce go hand in hand.

You will see signs along the way that are encouraging. People may even start to notice. You see yourself changing for the better and this entices you to continue. You dominate your day with ease and the wins keep coming. Things start getting easier and easier. And that’s barbecue chicken. When it has become so simple and such light work that you don’t even have to think about it. You just know what to do and the right time. We like that. We like barbecue chicken. The sauce does not allow you to give up. It keeps you in line and empowers you to elevate every part of your lifestyle.

Everyone finds motivation differently. I can not tell you the exact formula to being successful. You have to work in this life. Work ethic defines you. But you can’t live a dry and plain life. You have to find your ingredients, to make your sauce, to season your behavior. The sauce is all around us. It can be seen anywhere and everywhere. But is it in your life? So please wherever you go, may the sauce be with you.

Thanks for reading, spice up your lifestyle and share this with a friend. Answer this question also. Take care.

“What is the best condiment overall?”


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