A Few Takeaways from Ep.1 of The Kanye Documentary (Jeen-Yuhs)

Wake up, Mr. West.

Name one genius that ain’t crazy. While you ponder over who and what classifies as a genius, I’ll introduce you to something that has just been released on Netflix. The “Jeen-Yuhs” documentary about Kanye West has been teased for a while and since it has been 21 years in the making, it was bound to drop some gems and insight about the career of Mr. West.

With episodes dropping weekly from February 16th, 2022 onward, the Chicago native will be in the spotlight once again, highlighting the ups and downs of a man who wanted to make his dreams come true.

Sharing some things I took away from episode 1, I want to give my perspective on what I saw and how it can be applicable to your life also. Since it is a documentary, there is always something you can take away from it, so here’s my list. We move.

A Mother’s Influence Is Undeniable

Donda and her son Kanye.

It’s crazy to me after seeing only one episode of Donda West, her spirit instantly touched my soul. The purity in her words, her love and support towards her son’s dreams, and her willingness to allow Kanye to be himself allowed us to see her influence on Kanye’s character and persona.

The confidence a mother instills in their children will always carry weight and it’s clear to see how Donda West influenced Kanye. While Kanye has had self-confidence seemingly as soon as he could speak, you can see where it has been instilled from. A solid foundation allows you to build and grow to become the best version of yourself and Kanye knew his mother always wanted what was best for him.

Speaking with her after things weren’t going his way with getting a record deal, Donda was and still is an inspiration for Kanye and the ideology surrounding him wanting to be the best ever. Honestly, she tied everything together perfectly with one quote that we can all live by:

“Anybody that does something that much and that long and is that good, it’s gotta pay off.”

Always Bet On Yourself

The confidence you have to have to walk into a marketing department of a building and play a random song on a stereo system that no one has ever heard is honestly… crazy. If you haven’t heard the song “All Falls Down” by Kanye West, you should go listen to it because it is truly a work of art.

While you may think people who didn’t see the potential of the song missed out on greatness, it shows a true representation of how the real world is—most people won’t take you seriously and most people don’t want to see you win.

“Go out and work for what you want” sounds simple in theory and, like most inspirational quotes, follows the same process in terms of application—you actually have to go and do it. Don’t let these words by Kanye get lost in translation. If you want something, go do it, and when you’ve worked for something for so long and hard, why shouldn’t you bet on yourself?

The world won’t set up a clear path to glory for you. But when you move by faith and not by sight, all things are possible. Kanye quoted the Bible with that one.

Believing in yourself should be the standard for all of us. While we can’t rely on things we can’t control, we can control our beliefs and confidence level in terms of what we do day in and day out.

Even if the people at the marketing department didn’t see it that particular day, Kanye made sure they would see and hear it one day. Sometimes, that’s all we can wish for—that people will eventually see the work you do, somehow and someway.

Looking Forward To Episode 2

I’m excited to see what episode 2 has in store for us. The episode content from the trailer will show topics such as the car crash which he almost died from, the through-the-wire recording and more details about the music industry.

Episode 1 was filled with highlights but I’m sure we will see more by the end of it all. Thanks for reading, share with a friend, and answer the question below!

Do you believe All Falls Down is Kanye’s greatest song?

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