The Sunken Place – Protect Your Mindset 103

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After re-watching Jordan Peele’s spectacular movie Get Out, I realized I was out of almond milk. But more importantly, the theme of “The Sunken Place” stood out to me, and how we have a similar concept in the real world. A thought may come to your mind: why would we force ourselves into a place of darkness willingly? (unless we are sleeping).

But in this movie, it is by force to be put inside the sunken place. You are locked there against your will, with your feelings being disregarded and neglected. You are manipulated and psychologically exposed to a place of gloom by another person. But today, we will look at how you may personally isolate yourself to the sunken place and how we can avoid and stay out of there by any means necessary. Follow the light of my words and stay away from the dark. Ready?

Do you want to stay in the dark forever?
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A Bird’s Eye View Of The Sunken Place

If you have not watched the movie Get Out, I highly recommended you to do so. It is on Netflix and if you do not have Netflix, then I am not encouraging you to find it illegally online and watch it at your convenience. But if you have not watched it at the time of reading this article, there will be a few spoilers. I will keep them to a minimum, so you may proceed to watch the movie after (a heads up).

Imagine a time you may have put yourself down. Imagine a time when you have used excuses to not partake in events. Think of a moment you were scared of trying something new because you were worried about what other people think. Found it? Now think of your headspace during these incidents. It can be compared to a place of despair, abandonment, and loneliness. This Is Your Sunken Place. A setting where you are trapped inside your head and a lesser version of yourself takes over. You see yourself becoming a spectator and watching someone who is not the real you. On the outside, you are changing to a negative or pessimistic person. You may eventually become a detriment to others along with yourself. This does not sound like the most appealing place to be in, does it? Hopefully, like myself, you want to avoid entering this situation at all costs. But first, we need to understand the root of this location and how to stay out.

“Did you wash your hands today?”

Do Not Push Yourself Deeper

Hesitant thoughts may come into our heads from time to time. The question of “should I be doing this right now?” is something many of us have contemplated over the years. This could be a bad habit that you have and want to change, but you decide to push it off for the future. You may talk yourself out of doing so completely, thinking, “it is not so bad—why change?”. But when we allow doubt and fear of change to hinder us from growing, this is a case of self-sabotage. You are allowing the situation to worsen before it can improve. You recognize that the situation is bad, but you continue to push yourself further down the hole. And if you do not get out (you see what I did there…) of the hole in time, you will lose yourself forever. The Sunken Place is real, and understanding that it exists is important.

Finding a relatable example was difficult as everyone has different habits. So I decided we can collectively look at the life of many students across the world and see how we handle (or try to handle) this predicament. The credit card spending in university/college can be difficult to avoid (ha, those students fees are no joke). Relying on the card canbecome a bad habit and one that will need to be adjusted before it is too late.

Many of us are aware that this has to be altered but are reluctant to do so. Eventually, after some of the statements get posted (ha, talking from experience), you recognize that it is time to put the credit card to bed and start clearing out the debt. A reoccurring question may come to mind: “how do I dig myself out of this rabbit hole?” Firstly, do not push yourself deeper in, because that will make the situation worse. You will not be able to save yourself if you continue to dig a larger hole in the ground. You have to replace the unfavourable situation with a healthier alternative. Unfortunately, I do not have all the answers to fixing credit card debt. But I do know that a different attitude is the necessary second step in conquering the Sunken Place (ha, and debt).

The mind is the driving force.

Adding The Mindset To The Formula

The mind is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. It keeps you sharp, concentrated, and most importantly, you can continuously advance it. Imagine having something we can strengthen and polish consistently. Sounds neat right? Luckily, we all have this ability.

See, the power of the mind is not a joke (a convenient Drake lyric), and we can use it to our advantage. Your point of view in situations is crucial to how you conduct yourself. When positive, it can persuade and spark influential decisions while promoting a healthier way of approaching life. So now think, if my mind is in denial, discouraged and consistently terrified, how can I act in the rightful manner? How can I look to climb the mountain if my attitude is not where it should be? You cannot, because you have to fix your mindset.

You want to create the best situation for yourself to accomplish what you have to do. We can do so by projecting beneficial and confident thoughts. But it all starts with the mentality. With the right confidence and determination, what you want to attain becomes easier. Stay out of the sunken place and protect your mindset.


Get Out, Stay Out

The Sunken Place is a prison. Our minds will rest there if we are not careful. We do not want to be responsible for imprisoning ourselves because of our actions. We can look to avoid all of this. But we have to start projecting the correct mentality to help us through it. Many of you are already on the right track, so I encourage you to keep thriving. I hope this article helped you understand this theme and the value it has. Thanks for reading. Share this article with a friend and also answer the question below!

Have you ever been inside your own sunken place? If so, why?


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